Our catering menus make it easy to serve up delicious seasonal meals for any occasion at your home or office. Whether you're hosting a few couples for dinner or 50 coworkers, we'll work with you to recommend the perfect spread.

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48 hours advance notice required

Delivery available for an additional fee

Please note dinner entrees and sides may require reheating (instructions provided)


assorted pastries  

croissant, pain au chocolat, bran currant muffin, coconut apple flax muffin, kale & goat cheese muffin, lemon almond tea cake, pumpkin chocolate tea cake

$4 each


house granola

oats, maple, pecans, coconut, pumpkin seeds, olive oil

$9 per 12 oz. bag


ronnybrook plain, strawberry, maple vanilla

$3 each

morning fruit

apple, pear, apricot, fig, ricotta

$6 per person

smoked salmon platter

labneh, pickled vegetables, flatbread crackers

$9 per person

individual quiches

bacon, potato, cheddar

seasonal vegetables & feta

$7 each

snacks & sides

roasted yams

honey, lime, yogurt, aleppo pepper

$4 per person

romanesco cauliflower

tahni, raisins, sumac

$4 per person

beet hummus  

almonds, labneh, fennel pollen, crispy flatbread crackers

$4 per person

braised olives

rosemary, lemon

$10 per pint

seasonal pickled vegetables 

$10 per pint


garden lettuces

butter & gem lettuces, endive, frisee, watercress, house vinaigrette

$6 per person


kale salad

roasted carrot, clothbound cheddar, almond, currants, lemon

$7 per person

beet salad

arugula, feta, pistachio, sherry-shallot vinaigrette

$7 per person


grass fed roast beef, melted onions, chili aioli, arugula

roast chicken, gem lettuce, pickled onions, garlic aioli

salami & fennel slaw

beet hummus, seasonal pickled vegetables

buttered eggs, pecorino, arugula

$9 each  (min. 2 of any kind)



roasted chicken

fennel salt, salsa verde

$11 per person


braised beef

porcini, bacon, red wine, carrot, onion, herbs

$13 per person

wild sockeye salmon

king oyster mushroom, tarragon butter

$14 per person

pumpkin bolognese

rigatoni, beef, pork, white wine, parmesan

$12 per person


crispy parsnips, bacon, cream, leeks

$11 per person

mac & cheese

cheddar, jack, breadcrumbs

$40 (serves 6-8)



double chocolate, ginger molasses, chocolate oat walnut

$16/half dozen - $30/dozen


dark chocolate brownies

$4 each

apple or chocolate tart


lemon almond tea cake


pumpkin chocolate tea cake


vegan chocolate pudding

valhrona chocolate, oat milk, coconut cream

$7 each


chicken tenders   

$5 per person


french fries

$3 per person


butter or tomato sauce & parmesan

$5 per person


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